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This interactive virtual platform is designed in 3D & 360 ° interactive rendering, where users can browse according to their wishes, supported by high-quality images / videos and features. Not only is the resolution good, the immersive virtual event also makes participants feel like they are really in the place.

Interactive virtual event features:
• Custom 3D modeling & rendering
• Custom Hosting and Domain (for 1 month)
• Chat system / Whatsapp / Web link
• Zoom meeting feature
• Interactive layouts
• Virtual online games/online mini games
• Live Guide Session
• QnA form or others
• VR mode, 360° mobile mobile gyroscope

• Video pop up player/Video youtube link/Image slide show
• PDF viewer & download
• Google analytic system
• Event Registration
• Virtual Photobooth
• Statistics of visitor data via dashboard
• There are many other features according to the needs of your event

3D planning and modeling are of the most concern to us in order to improve the quality of the visitor experience. Likewise with detailing the elements around to produce a virtual project like a real one. We believe that our experience and passion in this field can really help you and your business development in this digital era.

3D modeling, rendering and interactive are not only limited to events, they can be used for:


3d 360 for housing (for those who do not have assets/physical)
Company Profile
Profile of a Product
Virtual Tour planning

  • YouTube
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