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360 Virtual Tour

Scanning with Matterport and recording locations then integrating them into virtual interactive.

Interactive virtual 3D created/recorded using a 3D camera to display a 'real', immersive image search.

This technology will make you feel as if you are in a platform or room that you want to visit online/virtually. You can enjoy this experience only by using your personal gadget, anytime, anywhere.

360vpro camera
360vpro camera
360vpro camera

3D Walkthrough Mode: This mode provides an experience for users to surround the room interactively, even exploration to different floors virtually.

Label Tags: With this feature, you can label each room according to your needs (Example: Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen)

Media Tag Annotations: We can integrate text + photos + links + videos in your virtual room

Virtual Reality Integration: Turn a 3D Virtual Tour into a real experience for your visitors, with just one click. Now, anyone can enjoy this Virtual Tour using only a smartphone and VR set.

Compatible on any device: You can easily access our 3D Virtual Tour Service via your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.


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